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What is Snow Blowing?

Snow Blowing is the process of removing snow with the aid of a mechanical device called a snow blower. Snow blowers typically come in two styles ('Single-stage' or 'Two-stage') and can clear a path of snow anywhere from the width of a walkway to the width of a driveway (ie. from 18" to 92"). Kodiak uses two-stage blowers for driveway clearing operations and single-stage (or hand shovels) ones for its walkway clearing operations.

An alternative method of snow clearing is snow plowing, which entails pushing snow with a pick up truck and blade. The advantage of snow blowing over snow plowing is that, unlike with a plow truck which pushes snow into a pile on the corner of your lawn, a snow blower can blow snow into the center of your lawn, thereby maximizing the available space you have on your property for storage of snow.

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