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What is a Single-stage vs. a Two-stage Snow Blower?

A single stage snow blower has an auger (usually a rubber paddle) which collects and guides snow directly into an expulsion chute. Most single-stage snow blowers fall into the ‘walk behind’ category and typically come in 20-24” widths. They are most effective in light, fluffy snow (ie. less than 10 cms of ‘dry’ snow).

A two-stage snow blower has both an auger and a fan. The auger picks up the snow, breaks it into small pieces, and throws it into a high speed fan, where it then gets thrown into an expulsion chute. The presence of the 'second-stage' fan allows a two-stage snow blower to throw snow much further than a single stage one. Two-stage snow blowers are built to handle heavier snow (ie. > 10 cms of ‘dry’ or ‘wet’ snow and slush) and come in widths greater than 24”. Kodiak Snowblowing uses 92”-wide snow blowers only for maximum efficiency and is able to clear your driveway in a couple of minutes.

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