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Possessing 25 years of experience in customer service, sales, collections, and management, Ann has been an entrepreneur for 10 of these years! Her experience in the Residential Snow Removal industry in particular developed out of an apprenticeship she served at Syljack Snow Removal, Inc. in Montreal. As the largest Residential Snow Removal company in Canada, she left with knowledge of processes and strategies particular to the industry, which she bases her current success upon. Ann oversees all operations of the company relative to customer service, routing, budgeting, payroll, marketing, troubleshooting, procurement of supplies, and office systems management.
Kodiak’s foreman is Mr. J.P. Giasson. He serves as liaison between management and its drivers and is in charge of hiring, training, driver supervision, employee incentive programs, and equipment procurement and maintenance. J.P. also doubles as customer service spokesman, driver, and all-around maintenance supervisor in charge of leasehold improvements. Like Ann, he comes from a background of working for Syljack Snow Removal, Inc, where he worked as a driver for several seasons, allowing him to acquire and develop techniques fundamental to timely delivery of snow blowing services to his clients. J.P. has been a resident of Beckwith county for 13 years and has been the owner of the 19th hole golf shop in Stittsville since 1988.

But, the pillars of the Kodiak Snow Removal establishment are the drivers

Without this personnel we would not be able to keep our tractors & blowers on the road and be able to offer the services we do to you. They are the true warriors in the battle to keep snow cleared from your laneways. They get called on an hour’s notice to crawl out of their warm beds and into our tractors to assure that you can crawl out of your beds, into your cars, and out of your driveways in time to leave for work or to make a doctor’s appointment or social event. They drive rarely without complaint from zero hours until the snow stops flying and plows stop passing. They are all skilled, conscientious and polite and we are proud to be represented by them!

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