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What does a Residential Snow Removal service in Stittsville and Kanata include?

A residential snow blowing service includes an initial cleaning of your driveway once at least 5 cms of snow has accumulated and is then followed 6-10 hours later by a secondary cleaning to remove city plow ridges at the bottom of your driveway after the city plows have passed.

  • 24-hour Live Agent (no answering machines) on snow days
  • Backup equipment (should there ever be any breakdowns)
  • Online Client Ticketing (via https://kodiaksnowremoval.ca/service-ticket/)
  • Radio contact with all of our drivers for expedited Ticket fulfillment
  • Email Ticket Processing
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Real-time Service Logs
  • Mobile App
  • Multiple-installment payment options
  • Payments by credit card, cheque, debit (at our office) or e-transfer (info@kodiaksnow.ca)
  • $25 neighbor referral credit (for non-attached driveway clients)
  • Walk-in customer service counter

To subscribe with a particular company, keep the following in mind:

  1. Contact the company to get a written quote for your driveway.
  2. Review the Terms & Conditions on the back of the quote or on the company’s website, paying particular attention to seasonal snow removal limits, client responsibilities, surcharge clauses, etc.
  3. If you accept the quote and the Terms & Conditions of the quote, sign it.
  4. Return the hard copy of the signed quote to the contractor with your payment information (ie. cheque or credit card) or, make payment online for your quote via the snow removal company’s website.
  5. Once payment is made the snow removal company’s ‘quote’ is now considered a binding ‘contract’ between yourself and the contractor.

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